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Titles are documents that legally establish ownership and rights to property. Title clearance is a real estate transaction service. It exists to assure lenders, developers, and property owners that there are no issues within titles before they loan or buy property. Many things can affect the legality of a title or its clearance including:

  • Existing liens

  • Failure to pay for prior work

  • Judgments against a current property owner.

  • Past due taxes

  • Easements for utilities

  • Property setback lines

  • Physical inspection results

  • Probates

Title searches must be completed to obtain all necessary, past and present information about land and property. If any issues are found, our experienced team will handle all legal and procedural requirements necessary to remove problems and achieve title clearance. Once a title is free and clear, closing on a property or lending can begin under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

In addition to lending or buying, title clearance serves to settle claims against a title during title actions. Title clearance will establish ownership and settle disputes.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in real estate law and have over 25 years of experience handling title examination and clearance. Our attention to detail assures that each client’s transaction concludes in a cost effective and timely manner. Before entering into a contract, a title should be free from reasonable doubt to avoid future misunderstandings and financial losses. It is important to speak with an attorney to guarantee a clean title.

Contact the Title Clearance Lawyer

Richard B. Maner, P.C. is Sandy Spring’s trusted title clearance lawyer. If you have concerns or questions regarding title clearance, we can help.

Call our law firm at (404) 252-6385 or e-mail us.  E-mail Richard or E-mail Dene.