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It’s not uncommon in today’s society for many businesses and individuals to file for bankruptcy when economic times are hard. While this can be a sensitive matter for those entities or people, it is essential for lenders and creditors to know they have rights, too.

Richard B. Maner, P.C. is practiced and knowledgeable in helping creditors assert those rights. Our firm regularly represents creditors and lenders throughout the state of Georgia and Tennessee in regard to bankruptcy litigation claims.

Receive assistance from a bankruptcy attorney that understands bankruptcy codes in regard to filing claims and administration, negotiations, plan of reorganization and disclosure, enforcement and more. It is imperative that lenders act fast to petition courts and understand their rights when collection issues arise.

 Creditor Representation

If an individual files bankruptcy, an “automatic stay” is immediately put into effect, meaning creditors cannot seek financial compensation or reimbursement. Automatic stays cannot, however, prevent multiple filings or criminal proceedings. They also can be lifted if the stay is not serving to aid resolution for the defaulter. Therefore, there are other opportunities available to creditors to receive fair recovery. Should creditors request a lift of stay, these court proceedings require a hearing and notice to debtors, meaning lenders and creditors should have proper legal representation.

Richard B. Maner, P.C. has over 30 years of experience in representation of creditors in the areas of debt collection and bankruptcy. Our clients should understand the various avenues available for these cases and other bankruptcy matters such as:

  • Discharge contests
  • Preference claims defense
  • Lift stay motions
  • Automatic stay violation defense
  • Valuation disputes
  • Nonpayment on secured debt

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Minimize your losses and assert your rights as a lender.

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