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Litigation describes legal proceedings between two opposing parties that enforce or defend their legal rights. The litigation process begins long before a case enters a trial court because an in-depth investigation of claims must be done and proper legal documents must be prepared.

The type of lawsuit being brought will determine the area of practice an attorney should be specialized in. Our attorneys have a broad and extensive knowledge of the default servicing industry and creditor rights.

Services We Offer

Through advocacy and litigation management, we serve as representatives for our clients and pursue their goals. Our attorneys are prepared to litigate and try small or substantial disputes so our clients receive an ideal outcome.

Richard B. Maner, P.C. is qualified to represent and handle a full range of litigation matters related to:

  • Land use and zoning disputes

  • Loan workouts

  • Landlord-tenant disputes

  • Lien rights

  • Construction disputes

  • Disputes under purchase and sale agreements

  • HOA litigation

  • Mortgage fraud

  • Loss mitigation and asset recovery

  • Collections

Our litigation team works side by side with creditors to protect and represent their interests and rights. With over 25 years of experience, our legal team has the expertise to provide legal counsel and advice in all default servicing matters.

We understand the impact a lawsuit can have on a company’s finances when collecting a debt or resolving a dispute. Our legal team works in a cost effective and timely manner to ensure our clients receive a favorable outcome.

Contact Richard B. Maner, P.C.

Our experienced litigators have practiced in many areas of default servicing and know the industry through and through. For creditor representation in bankruptcies, foreclosures, evictions, or litigation matters our legal team is available to help.

For comprehensive and high quality litigation services contact our office by phone at (404) 252-6385 or e-mail us.  E-mail Richard or E-mail Dene.